Stress Management

"We owe it to ourselves"

Physical and mental health are extremely impotant when trying to live a long and healthy life. 

Reducing stress has a positive impack on our overall health and well-being. 

Muscle Relaxation

Reducing trigger points and tight muscles.

Trigger points or tender spots in the muscle belly have 4 components.

  1. Muscle Contraction- repetitive stress  or overuse injury cause decreased blood flow. 
  2. Hypoxia- decreased blood flow causing decreased O2 delivery cuasing the muscle to go into an anaerobic metabolism producing increased hydrogen and lactic acid. 
  3. Chemical reaction- the metabolite byproducts cause an irritation and the nerve endings send pain signals. 
  4. Referred pain- trigger points then refer down a pain pattern not always where the trigger point is located causing muscle dysfunction.

Restoring Mobility

Reduction in injury

Functional joint centration is everything when moving optimally. Having decreased afferent information (information going to the brain) from tight muscles allow the peripheral joints to move more effectively. 

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