Google Review

"Dr. Rider is truly an amazing practitioner! I have a history of headaches and a few other workout-related injuries that crop up from time to time. Through a variety of techniques and approaches, Dr. Rider has helped me to successfully manage my headaches and some nagging hip pain that kept coming up in my workouts. He treats me as a whole person and caters each treatment to my individual needs. He integrates chiropractic adjustment with other techniques to maximize results. Some of those that have worked very well for me are a specific type of dry needling that he utilizes for treating the entire system (I forget exactly what it's called!), cupping, and his other recommendations for movement outside of the clinic. He has also taught me some tips/tricks for reducing hip pain on the spot, in my warmups. He has a vast knowledge of how the body works as a system and he brings that into each treatment. Finally, he has very warm and welcoming energy, creates a level of comfort that is unmatched, and is just a pleasant person to work with! If you are having any sort of chronic pain or are just looking to maximize your athletic performance, you MUST go see him!"