People Often Develop Headaches Over Time

The pain referral often presents on the back of the neck or behind the eyes.

At Rider Chiropractic Sports and Injury, we often use multiple techniques to decrease the pain and change the biomechanics of your spine. 

If you are currently suffering from headaches of this nature/condition, come get evaluated and back to enjoying your daily activities. 

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Headaches Are Common but Shouldn't Be the Norm

Let's talk about the most common type of headache we treat.

The most common headaches result from anterior head carriage. This is a diagnosis of chronically tight and activated deep suboccipital muscles on the back of the neck. This often results in further muscular imbalances, such as Upper Crossed Syndrome.

A chain effect then carries down the spine, causing:

  • Weak deep neck flexors
  • Tight pecs and anterior shoulders
  • Weak upper and mid back muscles

This results in the hump-like appearance chronically seen in students or office workers who spend lots of time seated in front of a desk/computer.

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