Did you know that 75% of people who have migraines also have neck pain/discomfort?


Chiropractic care should not just be viewed as adjustments of the spine. There is so much more to unpackage. Some chiropractors, that is all they do, but chiropractic care should be viewed as different soft tissue therapies (active release technique, dry needling, myofascial relief, trigger point therapy), rehabilitative exercises, ergonomics, lifestyle management, and nutritional counseling just to name a few! 

Adjusting the cervical spine is a fantastic tool for headache management. Adjustments help to manage descending nerve pathways that relay pain information. Dry needling and muscle work on muscles were the lesser and greater occipital nerve pass through is another way that we can influence pain referral in the head and neck. 

Ideal patients for chiropractic care and headaches include those who have failed pharmaceuticals, those who want to avoid using them, and those who have reached a plateau with other treatment. 

Dylln Rider

Dylln Rider


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