Dr. Rider specializes in sports rehabilitation that is not dependent on simply adjusting the back.


He is trained in Active Release Technique, Integrative Dry Needling, McKenzie Technique, Myofascial Cupping, Rock Tape, Strengthening/Stabilizing exercises, and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. These different therapies are used to keep athletes competing, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate soft tissues problems (injured muscles, sprains, joint instabilities).  

Here’s a wellness tip from about Thoracic Mobility:   What is thoracic mobility? 

In order for us to properly perform an overhead squat or front squat, we must have significant thoracic mobility, which means NO ROUNDING of the upper back. Unfortunately, years of sedentary life styles (school, work, driving, use of cell phones, lounging), we develop not just tight muscles (pecs, neck muscles, lats, internal rotators of the shoulder), but our body creates rigidity or stiffness or order to sustain these positions… No adjustment will fix this by itself, we need REHAB EXERCISES, and that’s where I come in!  


For what kind of movements do you need thoracic mobility?   Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Snatches, Clean and Jerks, Hollow Rocks, Hand Stands or HS Pushups, Tire Flips… you name it! CrossFit is all in the sagittal Plane (front to back).  


Best accessory work/things to do to improve thoracic mobility:   Kneeling Bench Extension – position yourself on both knees and lace fingers behind your head. Bring elbows together and place them on the bench. Rock back towards your heels (butt back), breathe all the way out and let your chest sag to the floor (this is also named a dowel stretch).  

Thoracic Foam Roll with PVC pipe  – Place foam roller on mid back while holding a PVC pipe with a wide grip up towards the ceiling. Slowly foam roll your upper back while allowing your PVC to go overhead to the floor. This will stretch your pec muscles as well as create extension in the thoracic spine (2 for 1 special ;)   Prayer Position – on your hands and knees, rock back to your heels, place your hands out in front of you resting one hand on top of the other, let your chest sag to the floor, and breathe all the way out (similar to child's pose in yoga). Enhance this exercise placing your hands in the overhead position (this time thumbs up towards the ceiling) and walk the roller forward as you sink into thoracic extension.  

L-Sit overhead press in the scapular plane.  


Worst things to do for thoracic mobility: any position that makes your upper back become rounded especially with load. Texting is one of the most problematic, as well as sitting in a slouch position, bending over to grab something without bending at the knees and hips first.   ***** When we round our back no matter if we are lifting heavy or grabbing something from the floor, this put tremendous amounts of pressure on discs which causes bulges/herniation’s.  

My Goal is to teach people how to fix their own back not create lifetime patients.

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