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Dr. Dylln Rider is a board-certified chiropractor with a masters degree in exercise and sports science from the University of Western States. He obtained his bachelors of science in kinesiology and health promotion from the University of Wyoming. Dr. Rider was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming where he lived to play sports and went on to play baseball in college. He understands the true meaning of community in a small town. He and his family put on numerous charitible events that bring joy and friendship to everyone around. This is where his path to helping people started and he hasn't slowed down since. 

Dr. Rider has more than 100 hours of onfield experience at live sporting events of all levels. He completed his clinical externship at one of Denver's most elite chiropractic clinics, working with weekend warriors and professional athletes alike. Dr. Rider is also an active member of the crossfit community. He values a combination of nutrition, exercise, and palliative care for optimum performance.

Dr. Rider has accumulated a multitude of certifications related to strength and recovery treatment, including:

 Whether you're a weekend warrior, sitting behind a desk, or performing at an elite athletic level, you DESERVE the best chiropractor on your team.

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It doesn't matter if you perform at the most elite level, are a weekend warrior, or someone who sits behind a desk. You DESERVE the best chiropractor on your team.

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