Do you suffer from heel pain?


Surprisingly enough there are many different causes for pain in the heel. In this specific case, would you believe me if I said this pain was due to limited great toe extension? 


There is a muscle called the flexorhallucislongus The FHL muscle was very tight, there was tenderness in the middle of his calf. This tight muscle caused irritation of the posterior tibial nerve. This nerve has a branch called the medial calcaneal nerve branch 


We addressed the dysfunction by decompressing the cutaneous nerve branch through #myofascialcupping and stimulated the FHL through needles and electric muscle stimulation. We also used #integrativedryneedling to stimulate the lymphatic system to help with the inflammation. Lastly, we used the Avant Laser to stimulate production of adenosine triphosphate. ATP is what our cells use for fuel/energy to promote quicker recovery time! 


If you want to get better, we have to find the problem. The problem didn’t come from the site of pain.  

Dylln Rider

Dylln Rider


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