Who out there uses protein!? Now, are you using the right protein!?

Alright my friends, protein is not simply just protein. We have many various types and flavors The first #protein I want to talk about is a protein that has been #hydrolyzed making pure protein isolates. What this means is that our stomach and intestines don’t have to work to break this protein down into a small enough size to allow it to be absorbed into the body. NERD ALERT- we have peptide transporters places throughout our large and small intestine with the majority of them at the beginning of the duodenum (beginning part of our guts ) WHAT THIS MEANS IS- having a hydrolyzed protein (its smallest form) it can be absorbed #instantly 

Now whey protein is fantastic for lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat! As we expend energy and create stress and micro trauma in our bodies, we have to fuel it! Why not target fat for food and energyAfter all it is what it’s there for!  

Casein protein is going to have more calories usually and essentially have a case around the protein that makes it harder to break down! This is a long lasting supply of food for our bodies! When trying to bulk up, we want to consistently feed our bodies! This protein is great for over night feeding while you sleep!  

My last favorite type of protein I want to tell you about is #bonebrothprotein and here’s why! First, as #Americans we lack important nutrients for bone, ligaments, tendon, and joint support because we only eat the meat off our animal products and not the whole animal like most other countries. This means we are deficient in natural ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin which are all crucial for joint support! (joints are surrounded by ligaments, tendon, and bone) Lastly, bone broth is fantastic for collagen synthesis which is great for healing injures muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone! 


Rant over and I hope y’all learned a thing or two! 

#chiropracticcare #jointsupport #loveyourself 

Dylln Rider

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