Common Injuries Sustained In Motor Vehicle Collisions

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It's Okay To Be Hurt.

Too many accidents get down played and proper treatment is not received.

If you have been in a car accident in the state of Colorado, I am here to help. 

MEDPAY- The bill helps protect drivers needing medical attention following an Auto Accident. The bill makes limited medical coverage mandatory for auto insurance policy holders, unless the insured opts out in writing.

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Treatment Goals

  • Down regulate the nervous system through light tough, heat, and interferential current.
  • Decrease inflammation at the site of injury- proper diet, getting good rest, hydration.
  • Decrease muscle spasms and tightness- soft tissue techniques 
  • Increase both active and passive range of motionRehabilitation and strengthening exercises to stabilize the area again. 

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Dr. Rider has worked closely for three years with auto accidents and works with the best specialists in the state. He understands the insurance aspect of an motor vehicle accident, the process of getting an attorney, and what to expect for treatment along the way.

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